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Evaluating a Free Mobile Dating Site


Free online dating sites and mobile dating can be wonderful things. After all, the correct free mobile dating site can help you find the match of your dreams and you might not even have to pay any money in order to get an account with the site! That is easily a spectacular thought that many people have in mind, but it does hinge on that person being able to find the perfect free online dating site for them. While there are no hard and fast rules regarding free online mobile dating site evaluation, there are some general things that you can keep in mind when narrowing the list down. Use the list below as a start and then add your own elements to it in order to come up with a rubric for evaluating sites that works for your particular needs.

Site Design

One of the main indicators of the overall quality of a free online dating site is actually the site design. This is not to say that the websites of all good free online dating sites are works of art, because there are some that are not. With fewer startup dollars to spend on design, many free online dating sites end up opting for an overall design scheme that is functional for their customers while at the same time not being too far over the top that the site design payments could end up bankrupting the company before it even got off the ground. In terms of site design indicators, you should be checking to make sure that everything works well. Login and logoff screens should be functional and all of the automated elements of the site should work properly. If this is the case, you at the very least know that functionality will be good within this particular free mobile dating site and that could greatly help you later on down the road when you need to make that final decision regarding which site you will use.

Mobile Dating Site Content

After the site design, the next area that you should look at is site content. Specifically, you are looking for direct signs that the free mobile dating site in question is a site that really does care about the issue at hand. Pictures that are of a high quality and placed well between lines of text that encourage high signup values are always good and then later on when you get into the profile creation process, helpful text that tells you what to do in order to make the site work best is another sign within the site content that this site might be a good one to bookmark for future use. For most free online mobile dating sites, the difference between good site content and bad site content is painfully obvious and therefore it really is just a matter of taking a look at some sites and getting some experience in judgment under your belt in order to see the difference fully. As time goes on, you’ll definitely get better at it.


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